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The Owner

Since high school and days of wood shop class, Lucas spent years working in the construction trade. From job site to job site his experience started to build. Motivated to make his way up the totem pole in the construction world, before
he knew it he realized he could call himself an highly skilled carpenter.  

The more knowledge and confidence Lucas developed his interests were enhanced and he was eager to learn more. After years of working and interacting with a wide variety of other tradesman he became more intrigued with home and cottage building. From unique and tricky renovations, medium sized intricate detailed projects, to large scale luxurious custom cottages this helped Lucas develop his career from a carpenter to a contractor. 


The Company

Muskoka Custom Builder has been in business for over 10 years. Our skill sets are ground up construction from machine work, footings, foundations, framing, windows, doors, roofing interior/exterior finishing, tile work, and landscaping. We are knowledgable in most mechanical trade. We take pride in our craftsmanship and pay high attention to detail in.  

Muskoka Custom Builder has had the pleasure of working with an abundance of home owners over the years. With a compromising and problem solving outlook on each project we are confident to say all business relationships have been on a positive level. We make it our goal to pursue our career with integrity and a high level of positivity to ensure clarity and focus when working and making sure that all needs are covered.

Reassurance is a very valuable aspect in our relationship with customers. We feel that when leaving something as precious, valuable and sentimental as someones home in as our responsibility, we to, would like to be equally reassured. We are very passionate in what we do. We love our job and never take it for granted. Our my goal is simple; Ensure that you are 100% satisfied and hope that you will return and spread the word about Muskoka Custom Builder.